Next Steps

Working on Mission Aviation
Fellowship's Cessna 206 during my
evaluation at MMS Aviation.
Our call to missionary aviation was confirmed when we were accepted to MMS Aviation. In January 2014, Aaron began serving as a missionary airplane mechanic in preparation for future service as a pilot/mechanic. Upon completing thirty months of missionary service with MMS, he passed his examinations for the Federal Aviation Administration Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) mechanic certificate.

Now that Aaron has his A&P certificate in hand, we have moved to Burlington, North Carolina for a two-year assignment that will prepare us for overseas service. Aaron will be serving and training as a pilot/mechanic—first stateside, then internationally—with Missionary Air Group, where he will help to maintain MAG's airplanes while gaining the flight experience necessary to serve on the field. Because missionary pilots typically serve in remote areas (supporting medical missions, delivering supplies, and transporting missionaries for example), it is necessary to be a qualified A&P mechanic as well as a skilled pilot.

By the end of 2018, we expect that Aaron will have the necessary ratings and experience to begin serving with a missionary aviation organization as a pilot/mechanic. We are currently corresponding with a few different organizations that have field programs in Central and South America to determine where our family will fit into the larger missionary aviation community. We appreciate your prayers for wisdom and guidance concerning which of these field programs is right for our family.

Finally, although we are already serving at MMS, we are still in need of more individuals and churches who will partner with us. This is especially true as our cost of living has recently increased, and we will soon be traveling internationally to various field programs. If you would consider partnership in our ministry, please take a few moments to learn about how you can get involved.

Taking off on my first flight with Sean Donnelly from
 Missionary Air Group (MAG).

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