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We are actively praying for additional ministry partners to join us, especially as we get closer to an overseas ministry placement. Please keep reading to learn a bit more about how you can invest in our ministry!

Since 1975, MMS (Missionary Maintenance Services)—located in Coshocton, Ohio—has provided aviation maintenance apprenticeships to those committed to serve God through missionary aviation. MMS also provides aircraft maintenance, modification and repair free of labor charges to Christian missionary organizations around the world. This service typically saves mission aviation agencies over $500,000 annually, and enables them to safely and effectively continue the work to which God has called them.

MMS Aviation is able to provide these labor-free maintenance services because it is a faith-supported ministry. This means every family serving with MMS (including us!) is responsible for gathering a team of individuals and churches who will partner with MMS Aviation through prayer and regular monthly giving. We can only serve because of monthly gifts from friends and churches who share our vision for taking the love of Christ to the farthest reaches of the world! If our vision sounds exciting to you, and you'd like to get involved through prayer or financial support (or would like to be on our mailing list), please contact us or visit our giving page. We'd be delighted to hear from you!

For more information on MMS Aviation, please visit If you would like more details about our financial need, see our FAQ page or contact us. You can receive our quarterly newsletter by email.

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